Smarter Research. Better Service.

The research experience you’ve been waiting for.

Founders Tom Pfeil & Brad Camrud

Our Brand Story

Aren’t all great ideas sketched on a cocktail napkin? 

In the summer of 1994, two Fortune 50 marketers frustrated with “typical” agencies knew there had to be a better way. They wanted to build a more efficient and flexible approach to doing research, while creating a company that shed corporate life. The result was a different type of firm that – in our clients’ words – “just gets it.” 

Through organic growth and meaningful relationships, we became a Top 50 strategic market research consultancy that guides some of the world’s most successful brands. Since the beginning, we’ve never aimed to be the biggest or flashiest – just the most trusted and strategic. Remaining independently-owned and now collaboratively led by 11 Partners allows us to deliver the signature boutique service experience from our founding days. We know you’ll appreciate the difference right away.




2011 to today



2011 to today

The Link Group is…


The Client Experience

Providing unparalleled client service is the backbone of everything we do.

And our clients have noticed – 99% of our business is from repeat & referral clients. Here’s a peek into what you can expect from us, seen through the lens of our values: 

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Excellence Every Day.

Clear and responsive communication & consistently nailing complex details 

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Intentionally Insightful.

Custom research design to answer your questions with thoughtful analysis

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Strategic Partners.

Deep listeners who build  genuine long-term relationships with you and your brands

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Incredibly Flexible.

Tenacious problem solvers who are proactive about anticipating problems

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Integrity, Always.

The highest data quality standards and meticulous attention to privacy & compliance

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Collaborative Growth.

A seamless experience across methodology experts through our strong teamwork & knowledge sharing

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Authentically Fun.

Karaoke, anyone?

What We’re Made Of

We’re built to deliver smarter research & better service.

Who we choose to employ in-house is a deliberate decision about how we can make a difference in your research experience. There is no sales team here – just smart and fun people who are ready to meet your needs. 

37 Expert Moderators

Yes, we said 37! TLG moderators spend years mastering their craft through apprenticeship and formal RIVA training. Our high standards and rigorous approach ensure consistently high-quality moderating, and each moderator’s style and experience are matched to your needs. 

Specialized Strategists

Every Linker thinks strategically, but sometimes an extra layer of thought partnership can be indispensable in tackling your most complex business questions. Our strategists leverage their wealth of research and marketing experience to guide your team through dynamic dialogues.

Top-Notch Project Managers

While they’re apprenticing, our future project leads nail the details that make complex research possible. Consistent project teams means nothing gets lost in translation – we anticipate and prepare for each step of the project, always ready with a Plan B. Our job is to make your job easy.

Data Scientists and Analysts

From high-end analytics to custom-built typing tools, there’s nothing our quant experts and PhDs can’t handle. But more importantly, they know how to make sense of it all. Knowing your brand, deciphering mountains of data, and explaining it in marketing-terms means we speak your language.

The Ultimate Endorsement

What we’ve built has met the highest bar.

When former clients become Linkers and former Linkers become clients, we know we’re delivering on our promise. Take it from those who know exactly what we offer.