We live at the intersections of industries.

Understanding complexity is kind of our thing.

Our Expertise

In an interconnected world, expertise can’t live in a silo.

The interchange of ideas grows our strategic minds, and they’re made stronger by seeing across the full spectrum of human decisions and behavior. Health is at the heart of what we do, but it links to everything else in the world around us.

On any given day, an individual Linker is as likely to be helping brands understand shoppers within the new retail ecosystem as physicians and patients with new blockbuster molecules. The result? We’re experts at rapidly picking up complex material and giving you access to the freshest cross-industry techniques.

Expertise Matrix


We work with the world’s top pharmaceutical companies.

Healthcare research can be technical and complex, which is right in our wheelhouse.

The Whole Health Ecosystem: We mean it when we say our healthcare experience is broad, including categories like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, health systems, pharmacies, and even animal health.

We’re Science-Minded: Our moderators & survey designers know the lingo and can upskill quickly in even the rarest disease. We’ve touched it all, from Ankylosing Spondylitis to Alzheimer’s, and 28 different tumor types. Yes, we’ve got a screener for that!

From Molecule to Market: We develop, launch, grow, and re-position record-breaking pharmaceutical brands across the lifecycle.  From HCPs to patients to payers, we build cohesive and winning strategies. 

Always in Compliance: We call our project managers privacy ninjas – they are masters at keeping up with evolving privacy and security regulations, and they’re meticulous about Adverse Event / Product Complaint (AE/PC) reporting. You can sleep well knowing we’re on it.  

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healthcare brands


We walk in their shoes, then get into their hearts.

Each brand has its own complex ecosystem of touchpoints – and our expertise in Onsite Insights™ allows us to touch them all. We shop-along with your customers in the stores and at the shelf; online and in their digital basket, and in their home or in the wild. Wherever they buy and use your products, we tap into their subconscious System 1 and unlock what moves them from awareness to true brand love.

Retail: From boutique to big box

Fashion & Beauty: From lip gloss to the latest styles in jeans

Fitness & Sporting Goods: From baseball to kayaking

Restaurant, Food, & Beverage: From the drive-thru to the deli case

Consumer Technology: From smartphones to smart refrigerators

Automotive: From wiper blades to motor oil

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A fast-paced business requires a fast & flexible partner.

Software ate the world, and every company is a tech company now. How we fuel our lives has been transformed, but at the core are still human beings with needs, wants, and irrationalities that mountains of big data can’t solve. We help you keep emotion at the center of your strategy, uncovering cognitive biases and heuristics that stand in the way of adoption.

Technology: From cloud computing to digital app usability

Telecom: From advanced wireless technologies to content-streaming

Energy: From sustainable solar to smart homes

Transportation: From global shipping logistics to autonomous vehicles

Financial Services: From online banking to DIY tax services

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Global Reach

Great partnership knows no boundaries.

We’ve put boots on the ground in markets around the world for nearly 3 decades. While the COVID-19 pandemic has added some uncertainty to when international business travel will resume, our strong and established partnerships with moderators and translators across the world have enabled a seamless transition to virtual global research. The end product remains of the highest quality because our vetted partners know The Linker Way, and consistently deliver time and time again. Building your global brand strategy has never been in better hands.

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of our work is global