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‘A-ha!’ moments you can act on.

Research-Based Solutions

First, we listen. Then, we design.

A deep and nuanced understanding of the customer is the crux of success in today’s markets. Thoughtful research begins by entrenching ourselves inside your brand and deeply understanding the goals. It’s more than finding an answer to your business question, it’s finding the right way to get to the most meaningful answer. It’s creating a foundation of knowledge so your customers think: this brand gets me.

Our solutions span the entire brand life cycle, accessing a broad and cutting-edge toolbox. We mix offerings like our proprietary implicit emotional measurement and high-end modeling analytics with masterful depth and focus group interviewing – but always custom and always creative. Click in the boxes for some out-of-the-box thinking:

Strategy and Consultation

We become a part of your team — a true partner.

Great ideas don’t just jump out of focus groups and data tables. They come from inquisitive quick-thinkers connecting the dots and sparking an effervescent dialogue with a team. Linkers are pros at engaging your internal stakeholders throughout a dynamic & strategic research process, which is key to asking questions that matter. We have a deep intuition about where to probe and when to push the envelope, believing that while a good question gets an answer – a great question ignites a conversation. Get ready for those ‘a-ha’ moments.


We’re more than moderators; we skillfully lead debriefs, keeping multi-faceted teams on track by championing the objectives and always pushing towards the “so what.” Backroom listening guides, daily research recaps, and star interviews are just a few tools in our arsenal to engage your team.


We implement strategic frameworks that organize, enhance, and elucidate the research findings to help create a clarity edge and decision advantage. Whether it’s Jobs to Be Done, the Fogg Behavior Model, or our very own Truth-Goal-Tension framework, we tie the approach to the business need.


Ideation, Positioning, & Segmentation all require leveraging broad stakeholder knowledge – and we’re experts at harnessing it. Our brand strategists build and lead immersive, hands-on, and engaging workshops that draw out the best ideas. We guarantee they’ll be fruitful and fun.

Research Integrity

How matters.

The details can never be sacrificed for the big picture. Trust in data is everything. Executing research of the highest integrity is our priority, and we take a rigorous approach so that you know things will be done right.

Research Inclusion

While our industry and panels have a long way to go toward representation, it starts with us. The Link Group is committed to asking the necessary questions to help us strive toward higher quality and more representative samples.

Privacy & Compliance

From protecting participant data to abiding by global privacy laws, we are diligent in executing compliant research. We consider this not only good business practice, but an issue of trust between us, you, and your customers.

Data Quality

We know a study’s results are only as strong as the data behind it – and we’re committed to delivering the best. We’ve got our eye on data quality from panel selection to questionnaire design to daily data cleaning to ensure you can feel confident in the final output.

Vetted Partners

We’ve been told we have high standards, and we’re proud of that. We meticulously vet and select the highest-quality partners for recruitment, sampling, and global research moderation that preserve the same standards for inclusion, compliance, and quality as we do.

Differentiated Deliverables

The most influential insights are the ones that go viral.

Wow your stakeholders through reports and presentations that cut to the heart of the matter and stay #sticky. Our analysis is comprehensive, but the output is laser-focused. The goal is to enable you to inspire your organization; pretty soon, you’ll be known as an influencer.


We separate insight from noise. 

With your objectives as a north star, our relentless opportunity mindset means we tell you what you should care about – reports shouldn’t be a re-play. 

No data dumps here: We’re insatiably curious and dig until we find the most meaningful story in your data. Every slide has a takeaway, not a title.

The “now what:” Our marketing acumen mean we know what it all means. We identify opportunities, offer strategic implications, and make recommendations to power your business forward.


We tailor the output to the target.

Whether you need something complete or bite-size, getting the attention of decision makers in today’s cluttered digital world is key. We offer:

Clean & readable visualizations 

Crisp executive summaries

“Shoppable” insights & modular reports


Pocket profiles

Video reels

Podcast highlights

And more… just ask! 


We believe in the power of storytelling.

Connecting insights to narratives means our findings are unforgettable. Just one example of a story our clients are still talking about:

“Migraine in a Box” Experiential Empathy: Our clients donned “drunk goggles” to see through dizzy eyes, wore a mask coated in nausea-inducing smells, and carried weights on their shoulders – all while trying to complete their daily tasks. Though just a fraction of the real migraine experience, they deeply connected with the target patient insights we presented that day.